Buzan's Imindmap Review – How Good is It?


Who uses Buzan's Imindmap?
People who understand what mind mapping really is. Most people have not got any idea of ​​what mind mapping really is. The mind map rules are in place for a very specific reason: increasing your brain potential !. As soon as you leave out a few of the 10 rules, you're basically killing a beautiful and very powerful technique. In all truth, this is what all other mind map software packages are selling; a product that looks like it's a mind map software package, but is not at all. Imindmap IS mind mapping. It's the closest to the real thing; drawing by hand. That's why Tony Buzan is so positive about this software package and why he is giving testimonials to this software package. People realizing this will never ever buy anything else than Imindmap !.

Who does not use Imindmap?
People who do not believe in the power of mind mapping. Many people think that mind mapping is a fad. Most of these people never ever thought about their thinking and learning at all. And what the technique is telling us, is that we could use our brains way more effective and efficiently. To many this is the same as that you tell them that they do not know how to use their brain. That, of course, is not possible and therefore they shut down their brain to the possibility that other techniques could be beneficial to them. At moments like this they see a mind map. This is a moment that their brain is telling them that an information overload is coming up.

Who does Buzan imindmap make happy?
People who are looking for a good price / quality score for a mind map software package. Well, if you look at the prices of all so-called software packages, imindmap is not even expensive. The cheapest version is about 99 dollars. On the other hand there is another version for professional users, which will set you back 295 dollars. 349 EURO and that's the starting price for a Mindmanager software package. And most importantly, it's not even a mind map software package that obeys to the rules that the originator of mind mapping states are necessary in order to be fully mind mapping. In my opinion, Mindmanager is all about compatibility with Microsoft and really pointing in the area of ​​the business world. But that does not mean that this software is really doing what it says it's doing.

Who does Imindmap make sad or angry?
'Normal' software producers of text documents as I can imagine that they would love to integrate mind mapping into their software. They can, but they can not call it mind map software. Mind mapping is a registered trademark by Tony Buzan. They can not do that. Tony Buzan has only given rights to Imindmap as this software is in compliance with the mind map rules that Tony Buzan advocates. Until today, April 2009 there is no software firm that has even come close to what Imindmap software can do.

Who finds it easy to use imindmap software ?
People who are really into mind mapping and really do not want to produce them by hand. With software you can speed up the process of producing mind maps considerably.

Who finds it hard to use?
People who have never used the software or a computer.

Who buys it?
People used to produce mind maps by hand and want to explore new frontiers with the use of mind maps.

Who will always buy Imindmap software?
People who are building their websites in the form of mind maps.

Who will never buy Imindmap?
People who only want to use handcrafted mind maps.

Who uses Imindmap correctly?
Every user should be able to start using this Imindmap software correctly.

Who misuses Imindmap?
How can one misuse Imindmap. I really would not know.

Who else could use Imindmap?
Individuals who want to manage time, because 1. With a mind map the user will be able to identify instantly what the problem areas of knowledge and projects are / could be. 2. To take notes will take much less time in a mind map. Do not forget; you only need 10% of the normal amount of information in order to understand the same. Weird enough a mind map will provide a better insight to the user and will provide the user even with a richer and more complete understanding of the matter in general.

What value does Buzan's Imindmap represent?
Provider of overview in complex situations and information.

What assumptions underlie it?
You are not shocked by the creativity this software is going to add to your information.

What are the most important features?
Imindmap can be used to make and use your own e-learning courses.

What is most liked about it?
Less calculating power of the computer is necessary in order to run this program.

What are Imindmap's major weaknesses?
Large mind maps are not easily displayed on one monitor.

What needs does Imindmap fulfill?
See the relations between seemingly unrelated matters by getting a helicopterview.

What other name could describe it?
Mega Memory Booster

What do customers suggest?
Make it more flexible so that the branches start to adjust themselves when they touch eachother.

What are the most important features?
Making your own images is no problem with Imindmap

Where could Imindmap be used?
With IT-projects

Where does Imindmap perform best?
At places were students are; mind map all information that needs to be learned.

Where is Buzan Imindmap sold?

Where is Imindmap used?
On a computer.

When does Imindmap perform best?
When you're looking for a way to quickly produce a mind map that can be distributed among your friends / guests quickly.

When is Imindmap misused?
Double lined messages make a mind map difficult to read and interpret.

When is Imindmap most used?
When starting projects.

When is Imindmap used?
The moment you want to draw a mind map quickly as you want to spread the info among your visitors, it's time to use Imindmap.

When is Buzan's Imindmap used correctly?
Making interactive mind maps


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